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Remedy Design

What you should know

Atlantic Richfield is already moving forward to perform the investigation and conduct the benchmark studies necessary to design the remedy approved by NYSDEC.

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Atlantic Richfield moving forward on designing remedy for One River Street

The first task in conducting the remedy agreed to by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and Atlantic Richfield Company (AR) is to conduct a set of baseline studies, as well as complete investigations necessary to design the remedy.

AR did not wait for the final consent order, but moved forward with work in fall of 2013.

In 2014, AR began to complete the initial remedy design. In order to do that, we conducted further investigations onshore to delineate excavation areas, as well as to further identify subsurface obstructions and locate existing and abandoned utilities. Offshore, we further delineated areas which may require dredging, as well as began to determine dredge limits. In addition, we advanced additional geotechnical borings offshore for remedy design.

In 2015; Atlantic Richfield performed additional off-shore sampling to supplement the pre-design investigation as well as completed the baseline surveys (fish collection and baseline air monitoring) to further the collection of information necessary for the remedy design and post remedy monitoring.

AR also submitted several documents in 2015 to further the remedial design including;

In 2016, Atlantic Richfield continued pre-design activities and performed the following work;

In 2017, Atlantic Richfield plans to finalize the reporting to the NYSDEC and USEPA and begin the preparation of the Preliminary Design in accordance with the consent order schedule.