Atlantic Richfield Company
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

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What you should know

A major demolition project has opened up views of the Hudson and the Palisades.

Atlantic Richfield Company (AR), a BP-affiliated company, wrapped up a major demolition project that removed 11 structures on the waterfront in a significant effort to prepare the site for future environmental cleanup.

This project cleared all of the structures except the water tower and the brick building with the saw-toothed roof on the northern end the waterfront, known as Buildings 52.

AR previously removed 10 other structures on the 28-acre site, most in 2004 and 2005.

Atlantic Richfield focused on safety in demolition project

Just as in previous work, AR focused on safety in this major demolition project.

AR demands the highest standards of health and safety from all of its employees, contractors and subcontractors on its projects. Our goals are simple: no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment. AR expects every member of our team to play a role in making this a safe project both for workers on our site and for the surrounding communities.

Dust control

AR’s contractors used dust prevention measures to minimize and contain dust from demolition work, which typically include soaking structures and grounds with municipal water from industrial hoses.

AR’s contractors also used real-time air monitoring to maximize their ability to control dust generated on site during construction work.

Traffic impact reduction

AR and The Village of Hastings-on-Hudson worked together to minimize traffic impacts from trucks removing debris from the site. AR contractors followed a Village-designated truck route. In addition, the Village restricted truck traffic to specific times, minimizing any added impact on drive time. AR’s contractors tarped all trucks and complied with all state regulations for hauling waste materials. Representatives from AR alerted neighbors along the truck route of the project and worked to address concerns.

Noise reduction

Noise on a demolition project is inevitable, but AR required contractors to follow a reasonable work schedule to minimize noise early in the morning or late afternoon and continually looked for ways to minimize noise during work hours.